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Super easy DIY Celestron AVX Pier Extension

Started by Bent, 09/23/2017 06:13PM
Posted 09/23/2017 06:13PM Opening Post
You cannot buy a pier extension for the AVX. I found this ingenious idea on Cloudy Nights forum. It worked so well for me I thought I would share a simplified version with easy to follow plans (I hope). Here is a link to the PDF of the plans. I have never used Google Drive so I hope the link works. I would be happy to email the plans if it does not work. .

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Posted 09/23/2017 06:56PM #1
Nice....thanks for posting it

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Posted 09/28/2017 04:14PM #2
The hole for the polar alignment stud is not as strong as I had hoped so I’m working on a fix for that. Stay tuned.
Posted 06/10/2020 01:02AM #3
Great idea, try using a threaded brass or steel insert for extra support for and stud.
Posted 02/01/2021 01:38PM #4
Thank you for posting Ben. Super easy as the description says. The instructions are very well thought out and easy to follow. I trusted all thread sizes without verifying first and found them to be spot on. 

The one comment/correction I would make is that because I had previously made a pier for my AVX, I had already measured the hole saw size needed as 2 3/8 or 60mm. I used the Milwaukee 2 3/8 hole saw I already had instead of the the 2.5" recommended. This hole size fits the AVX snuggly without binding or giving a sloppy fit. 

Posted 02/01/2021 07:53PM | Edited 02/01/2021 08:05PM #5
Hi I thought I should get back about my my extension project. Inspired by yours, I used heavier 4" fittings and after checking the diameter of the tripod hole 2 3/8" is a much better fit.  Rather then use the stock pivot bolt I just drilled and taped a 3/8" bolt with a 3/8"id bushing and the bottom of the extension I just used the threaded hole at the back of the top plate and threaded an 8mm bolt through the bottom side extending through the top of the tripod and into an 8mm hole I'd previously drilled into the bottom of the extension.  It doesn't move, rock back and forth or pivot in any way but what it's
supposed too, whatsoever. 
All my cameras are attached to a telescope at this time so I can't take a picture. 

I used the heaviest 4" to 2" bushing type reducers, schedule 40 or better, I could find that gave me as much material, 5/8 inch, so I could to drill and tap threads into it I then pushed them into a 4" coupling. The type coupling you'd use to glue two 4" pipes together.  Try not to use the seams for your pivot points it tends to be a week spot and will break there if there any undo stress put on it threre. 

Also the outside diameter of schedule 40 2" pipe is 2 2/3" a perfect fit to add the 2 3/8 id extension that's added to the base of the AVX mount that extends into the tripod about 3/4".

For good measure I fitted a rubber gasket to the top and bottom of the extension.

Overall the original design submitted was well thought out and quite stable in my opinion when a rubber gasket was added to each end of the extension. 

All I did to mine was make it as beefy as I could.
Posted 03/08/2023 01:55AM #6
Too bad the Google Drive link in original post is now broken.