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Takahashi fluorite-coating spectral filtering?

Started by Doug Peterson, 10/09/2004 06:38PM
Posted 10/09/2004 06:38PM | Edited 10/09/2004 06:39PM Opening Post
Another discussion forum contained the story of a fellow who's FS102 coating failed and required a new objective. Texas Nautical Repair says that bug spray attacks the fluorite element coating, and that the coating filters some of the residual spectrum. The owner says the FS102 showed significant magenta, but that the replacement objective did not.

Certainly the FS coatings I own are a deep deep red that would imply that is what is being reflected. What's more I have always preferred the slight excess blue residual color of the Takahashi's to the red-blue typically seen in some ED/APOs, and assumed that is a design choice.

Anyone else know anything about this?

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