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Telescope use while confined to a wheelchair

Started by Big_Al_in_Jax_FL, 10/09/2021 03:48AM
Posted 10/09/2021 03:48AM Opening Post
Ok   here is my situation.  I am wheelchair dependent and have recently purchased my first telescope.  I purchased new a Orion SkyView Pro 8" Equatorial Reflector Telescope.  I have looked to see how others with my condition enjoy using reflector type telescopes.  

My telescope arrived and I immediately realized that I will need a dolly mechanism to move that around my patio area.  I looked for a model specific dolly and found nothing.  I looked for a universal rig and found they were all about 400.00.  Here is what I looked at as my best answer.  Remove the toes from the bottom of the tripod legs and install rolling/lockable casters.  I found a set of 3 casters delivered to me for about 60.00.  I then found the toes are epoxy glued to the stainless steel legs.  It appears I will need to cut off the toes to do what I am thinking.  The attached picture hopefully explains my idea.

Does anyone have a set of Orion SkyView Pro 8" Equatorial Reflector Telescope tripod legs (only) for sale?    I am in Jacksonville FL.   I am also open to other ideas as to options.  Thanks in advance.


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Posted 10/09/2021 12:50PM #1
Hi Alan

While I dont have a solution for you beyond simply cutting the existing legs you have to do the modification I do have a suggestion for potential alternatives. Astromart is a great place for buying/selling/trading astro gear, in fact probably the best on the planet. However, the forums are, compared to others, not very active. I would suggest if you have not that you join Cloudy Nights as the forums there are VERY active. A search for the term "wheelchair" reveals a LOT of discussion of ideas and methods of wheelchair based astronomy.

Placing a wanted ad here in the classifieds seeking the legs may result in success (much more likely than a post in the forums) which you can do as well on Cloudy Nights for additional exposure. Best of luck with your endeavors! 

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Posted 10/09/2021 01:03PM #2
Greg,  YOU are exactly why I posted that into the forum.  Looking for information.  I will be getting into a few more groups/forums as I find them.  This upcoming Friday, I will be meeting with the local star gazing group.  Looking forward to finally enjoying something I have spent my life looking at... the stars.  Thanks for some direction on where to go next.

Consider me standing at an intersection.. looking for directions from a local... hoping it doesnt turn into a scene from Family Vacation movie   ... you know the one... from the in the inner city.... 

Posted 10/15/2021 01:09PM #3
One of the members suggested I look online using Amazon.  I appreciated the new focus.  I did find HTURS Photography Professional Tripod Dolly, Heavy Duty and Lightweight with 3-inch Rubber Wheels, Adjustable Leg Mounts and Bag for Canon Nikon Sony DSLR Cameras Camcorder Photo Video Lighting available on Amazon.  It was about 90.00 for the heavy duty one.  With a little creativity I think it will be very very user friendly.  SO far, I did find I need to find a way to lock the legs to the dolly, some sort of a safety strap that holds the legs directly to the dolly.  Right now it has a thumbscrew that applies pressure but does not lock the legs to the dolly.  I guess if it was easy, everyone would have done this already.  Thanks again to everyone that has offered advice.

Posted 10/15/2021 01:14PM #4
I tried to add a few pics.  

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Posted 10/15/2021 01:14PM #5
Another pic

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