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Telescopics Newtonian Primary Mirrors

Started by Joe Bruessow, 01/04/2003 05:46AM
Posted 01/04/2003 05:46AM Opening Post
Anyone have any ideas as to the quality of Telescopics mirrors? Any first hand experience?
Posted 01/06/2003 05:37AM #1
I do have what could be called "second-hand" experience. I purchased a used 6" f/5 Telescopics primary on Astromart that had been refigured by Dick Wessling (Pines Optical Shop in Ohio). The Foucault analysis of the mirror before refiguring was 1/2.4 wave (PV) and I think the RMS was just within diffraction limited tolerance (don't have data sheet with me at the moment). The original owner said that it performed poorly but now works great after the refigure; I have verified the excellent performance. I ran a search on sci.astro.amateur for Telescopics mirrors and based on sampling some of the results, nearly everybody had to have the mirror refigured (this was likely long after the Telescopics brand name dissappeared as a business).

Since my search was limited, I can only recommend that you verify performance before plunking down the cash on a Telescopics mirror. If the mirror has not been refigured, the chances are good that it could be of poor/marginal quality.

Dave Keller