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Trading guidelines

Started by tslotwin, 09/07/2003 10:59PM
Posted 09/07/2003 10:59PM Opening Post
I have some general questions to ask the forum in regard to trading equipment on Astromart. What have your experiences been and what safegards have you used (if any) to help ensure the trade went as planned? I'd like to think the vast majority here are honest, but in cyberspace you never really know who you're dealing with until the deal is done.

So if you wanted to proceed with a trade of one telescope for another (value > $1000), how would you go forward? Note that the parties involved live in different regions of the country, so a face to face exchange is out of the question.

Thanks for the feedback.

Posted 09/07/2003 11:27PM #1
First thing would be to get FULL contact information, including phone number (be wary of PO boxes or other "untraceable" mailing addresses). Give the phone number a call to make sure it's in service and leads to the right person. Also check an online phone directory to see if the listed contact information (if the phone number is a residential line and is listed) to see if it matches the information you were given by the seller (don't worry if it's not listed, since it could be an unlisted residential line, a commercial line, or a cell phone). If possible, pay by credit card through PayPal (or a similar service) since that provides a measure of protection against fraud.

Ask to see pictures of the items in question, so that you know they are on hand and that the seller isn't trying to sell something he doesn't have. Also check the seller's feedback rating to see what other people have to say, and if you're dropping a lot of money and want extra reassurance, email some people that have done business with the seller and ask them about how their transactions went.

As long as you take the necessary precautions mentioned above, the vast majority of your transactions will be hassle-free. I have done dozens of deals with people across Canada and the US (mostly with computer-related stuff...I'm just getting into astronomy within the past two weeks) and have never had any problems.
Posted 09/08/2003 12:34AM #2

If funds are available, just do two sales. He sells you his stuff while you sell him your stuff. You are both afforded the safeguards (if any) that are available for any transaction here on Astromart.

You can do all the stuff mentioned in the other replies in addition to the dual sales.

If you think about it, buying a $1000 telescope is really a blind faith trade, especially if done with money orders. I am sending someone $1000 and expecting to get some goods in return. If he wants to take my $1000 and run that is essentially the same as if I had sent him a $1000 telescope. Well, not really. The telescope won't fit in his wallet.

Clear skies,