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What could I see with a 33" ?

Started by dsimons, 06/27/2003 04:56PM
Posted 06/27/2003 04:56PM Opening Post
I just noticed a 33" Dob for sale, and have only looked through a 20" a few times before. I currently use a 16" scope. Would a 33" make a huge visual differance? I realize it's about a 2X larger area. Would detail in Galaxies be obervable? Any impressions from the Big Dob owners out there?

David Simons

Posted 06/27/2003 05:17PM #1
david, you currently use a 16, that comes out to 201 square inches, a 33 comes out to 855 square inches, i believe that comes out to over four times the scope. john
Posted 06/27/2003 05:21PM #2

Actually the jump from 16" to 33" is huge in every way. You go from ~201 sq inches to ~855 sq inches, a 425% increase. A 33" scope of that design will weight a bunch, maybe 300+ lb or even more. At the zenith, your head is ~13 ft off the ground, not a trivial distance. Just moving the ladder would be easier with two people. BUT, the views would be stupendous and ruin you for smaller scopes. Some M objects might even show a little color (M42 for sure), and mag 15 galaxies would be easy. But scopes like this are *work* to move and use. I own a 14.25" F7 Newtonian, and it is a 1 hour job to set it up. I wonder how easy (er, hard) it is to set up that monster . . .

Ah, but size does matter!


Posted 06/27/2003 05:59PM #3
You could count Yoda's nose hairs.
Posted 06/28/2003 08:05AM #4
Have you read Ed Ting's report on a 36" Obsession?

A fun read. My favorite bit:

"Remember that first scene in Star Wars, where Princess Leia's ship comes overhead, firing laser shots behind it? A few seconds later, a massive Imperial Destroyer enters the scene. Finding M82 was a lot like that."

Posted 07/01/2003 12:23AM #5
I've looked through the 36" Tectron Yard Scope a number of times as well as a 36" Obsession at a recent Stellafane convention. The Antennae were unbelievable through the Yard Scope.

At the 1996 WSP I had an opportunity to observe through a 33" ATM Dob. My view of magnificent barred spiral galaxy NGC 1365 was almost of photographic quality.

I've also spent a fair amount of time at the eyepiece of John Vogt's excellent 32" ATM Dob and another 32" using John's first 32" mirror. The central star of M57 was easily held directly on one occasion. M27 was ridiculously bright. Stars in globular clusters such as M15 took on a distinctly yellowish hue.

This past Friday I had the opportunity to use a 30" ATM Dob at the Laurel Highlands Star Cruise. The bridge between M51 and NGC 5195 was easily visible as were M20's dark lanes.

Dave Mitsky

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