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Wide Field Viewing

Started by David Simons, 06/07/2004 09:45AM
Posted 06/07/2004 09:45AM | Edited 06/28/2004 09:15PM Opening Post
Had some fun scanning Cygnus last night with a Meade 10SN and wide field 80mm Flak binoculars. I got tired of assembling the GEM mount for the 10" when all I wanted to do was do was a little star hopping.

I was inspired at RTMC by a simple pipe mount I saw and wanted something simple for the 10"SN. So, $35 and an hour later, and I was set. The SN amazes me with the sharp wide field views it gives. I wish Meade would do a 12 or 14" version smile

David Simons

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David Simons
Posted 06/07/2004 09:47AM #1
Looks simple enough, is it solid and steady?

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Amateur Imager
Posted 06/07/2004 09:53AM #2
Why not add an extra tee and a couple of nipples and make the mount equatorial? Mount would still be simple, but easier to track objects.

Russ Schnitzer
Posted 06/07/2004 12:17PM #3
I really can't see what you're gaining over a conventional Dob mounting - it looks heavier and, as you said, a little shaky...