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Willman Bell Gemini Twintrack Drive Corrector

Started by Brisley, 05/31/2004 12:03AM
Posted 05/31/2004 12:03AM Opening Post
Does anyone out there know what company made the joystick used in the Willman Bell Gemini Twintrack Drive Corrector? I am looking for a replacement for the 5k Dec resistive plate. If anyone has an old joystick for the WB laying around, let me know, or if anyone is familiar with different joystick manufacturers, I can provide detail photos. Basically, there is a small dime sized circular disk that has the wiring connectors on one side, and the resistive material on the other, that fits inside the housing for the trim tabs. One of my pins has lost contact with the resistive area and you cannot solder it back. Nice joystick, just no part #'s on it or manufacturer that I can find.

Thanks for any help,