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12mm T4 vs 13mm T6 vs 8" SCT

Started by mxb, 02/06/2004 04:14AM
Posted 02/06/2004 04:14AM Opening Post
I've been thinking about the 12mm Nagler Type 4 or the 13mm Type 6 for use in my 8" SCT. Currently, I use a 16mm T5 as my 'high' mag DSO ep, but sometimes I'd like to go just that bit more for fainter objects. I have another Type 4, so I'm familiar with the characteristics of that type. Anyone had a chance to look through both? Opinions?

BTW, it would also serve in an f/5 refractor.
Posted 02/06/2004 06:36AM #1
I have a 13mm T6, but no T4's. From what I understand from others, the T6's are lighter, smaller, and cheaper, but with less eye-relief than the T4's. Some people say they feel more "immersed" in the view in the T4's, but it is very subjective (some people have said they prefer the T6). I chose the T6 for the price and weight issues. Both are excellent eyepieces, though. The T6's have 12mm of eye-relief, which I find comfortable. If you prefer more eye-relief, you might want to go with the T4. Probably no way to tell for certain without actually looking through them - try to get to a star party so you can see for yourself.

Posted 02/06/2004 10:20AM #2
I have the 12mm and I did have the 13mm. I sold the 13mm and kept the 12mm.
I used both in a NS8GPS and a 15" f/4.9 DOB so I think it is a bit like your situation.
The 13mm is small and if balance is a consideration it could be the better EP. The 12mm is better in my oppinion for viewing. I liked it better anyway.

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Posted 02/06/2004 12:05PM #3
I have both. If binoviewing is in your future, get the 13. If not, the 12 gives a better observing experience.