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Can we talk about Siebert eyepieces?

Started by khking, 03/19/2003 06:30PM
Posted 03/19/2003 06:30PM Opening Post
My Telescope Brothers & Sisters.I am awed by the vast amounts of Naglers, Pentaxs, & other high priced eyepieces bandied about. Am also discouraged to see that there is no discussion of Siebert and/or Russell eyepieces as a real option for large, fast dobs. I for one would like to hear of your personal experiences with these eyepieces as I will be needing(2"?) eyepieces for my 19" F/4. I currently have no eyepieces but wish to make some informed purchases based on performance AND COST EFFECTIVENESS. I have faith in your experiences. Thanks.
Posted 03/19/2003 08:03PM #1
I think Gary Russell sells some nice eyepieces, but the type isn't particularly good for such a fast scope. An f/4 light cone is just brutal on eyepieces. With Konigs and such, expect sharpness centrally with a lot of softness as you leave the central area and approach the edges. Siebert standards (of which I've tried the 7mm only) will probably fare no better. Perhaps there are some good choices for an f/4 scope in his higher tiers--I wouldn't know. Generally I would caution you against bargain-hunting for an f/4 scope. You might find a few bargains in many trials, but more often you will be wasting your time and money on eyepieces that won't make you happy.

If you can avoid being bitten by the ultrawide/Nagler bug for awhile, you can do quite well with a few Tele Vue Plossls and a 2.5x Powermate. For an f/4 scope a Tele Vue Paracorr is recommended, but you can probably live without it very easily if you stick to eyepieces that have 50 degree apparent fields as Plossls do. Since you have no eyepieces, my suggestion would be to start with 32mm and 20mm Tele Vue Plossls and the 2.5x Powermate. Then later try a Siebert or a Russell or (heaven help you) a Nagler and follow your nose. Take your time. I'm here to tell you that no matter how much information you try to gather, you won't get this eyepiece thing totally figured out from the start, if for no other reason because like Al Nagler says, eyepieces are like shoes, you've got to try them on.