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Eyepieces for binoviewing with eyeglasses at f/5

Started by williamichang, 08/09/2003 10:02PM
Posted 08/09/2003 10:02PM Opening Post
and not break the bank, again (having just spent $$$ on a DenkII/OCS)... any suggestions? Scopes: 48" focal length Newts (8" and 11"), and 4" f/5 refractor (Genesis). The OCS gives 1.25-2.5X of "Barlowing", which really helps on the high-power side.

(Thinking out loud)

Low-power: it's all too easy to reach max FOV so (for me right now) it comes down to choosing between 35 and 30 Ultima (I have one of each). The 35 is a bit wider; the eye-relief is a bit much but I wear glasses. Will BV make the kidney bean worse?

Mid-power: have a pair of 18 Ortho, plus a lone 18 Ultima and lone 26 TV Plossl (Japan, out of production). Should I stick with the narrow Ortho or get another Ultima (and sell the Ortho)?

High-power: now things get tough -- because I need glasses to binoview, even when I normally could try to do without. Would Plossl/Ultima in the 10-12.5 range be too tight, and is Ortho any better?

Planetary-power: I don't want to spring for a pair of Radians yet. I have a 6 Expanse, it's OK, but tends to ghost and show a distinctly warm tint -- are these (6 and 9) the best I can do on a budget?

Or will I eventually either give up BV or switch to SCT? :-)

Again, any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

-- William