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Nagler 13MM T1 differences

Started by khking, 09/19/2003 05:40AM
Posted 09/19/2003 05:40AM Opening Post
Friends, you have probably been following the bidding on Nagler eyepieces on E..y. There are currently 2 Nagler 13MM t1's. One is the smooth barrel older Nagler we are all familar with. There is also a bigger 13mm that has the rubberized grip around the barrel. I have never seen that one and it too is described as an older t1. Can someone help me with the history on these, especially the rubberized grip 13mm. PS. I picked up the 11mm t1 as a "buy it now" for $250.00 I understand they are collector items so I thought that was a good price?
Posted 09/19/2003 06:12AM #1
They are both T1 13mm Naglers. The smooth barrel model came first, and included at least the 9mm T1 in that line. Later on, TeleVue added the rubber grip rings and the rubber eyecup, but the Type # did not change. Actually, they did not designate them as Type one at all, until the Type 2 came out! I used to have one of the ones with the rubber grip ring, and it was an excellent performer, although I always thought that the Meade UWA 14mm was a tad better. Oh yeah, the 13mm was the original Nagler, the one that started it all!

BTW, good price on the 11mm, although I am not sure that they are now considered collector's items since the T6 11mm was released. Anyway, a year or so ago the 11mm T1 was fetching $400+!

Midway, FL