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Ocular defect services

Started by fct-150, 01/28/2012 01:19AM
Posted 01/28/2012 01:19AM Opening Post
I have a very well-kept, volcano-top Celestron 50mm Plossl that has an unusual defect in the center of the two lower cemented lenses; there are what appear to be either coating-loss flecks or it is where air somehow got into the cement compound and created a bubble effect over time. They appear as ghosts when aimed off axis at brilliant objects like the Moon, Sirius, and the Pleiades. I do know how to disassemble lenses for cleaning in a very sterile environment (that was my first course of action), but I cannot attend to this issue because I know I could greatly scratch and/or damage the lens by trying to separate the glued components. This is definitely an eyepiece worth trying to fix. Does anyone out there know if there is a reputable service that may assess and fix this defect? Any insight on this topic would be invaluable information. Thanks!

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