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Parracor+2" EP=Naglers-Panoptics?

Started by khking, 04/14/2003 07:17PM
Posted 04/14/2003 07:17PM Opening Post
In actual use, has anyone gotten results with a Parracor + less expensive 4-5 element eyepieces that compare favorably to Naglers or Panoptics used alone?
Posted 04/14/2003 11:27PM #1
The Paracorr is a field flattener as well as a coma corrector and a 1.15x "Barlow", so most eyepieces will benefit from more than just the reduction of coma with its use. Now as to what compares "favorably" to using a Nagler or Panoptic alone, that's a complicated question that depends a lot on how the Nagler or Panoptic performs alone, as opposed just to how the 4 and 5-element eyepieces perform with the Paracorr. For example, neither the 16mm Nagler Type 5 nor the 17mm Nagler Type 4 were very impressive at all in my 10" f/5 Newt and no Paracorr. It's a different story with the 5mm and 7mm Nagler Type 6's.