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Pentax 80ED Spotting Scope, Baader Hyperion 8-24mm MkIV Zoom EP

Started by Larry N, 08/27/2019 11:56PM
Posted 08/27/2019 11:56PM Opening Post
Has anyone tried the Baader Hyperion 8-24mm Mark IV Zoom Eyepiece with the Pentax 80ED Spotting Scope? Previous versions of this eyepiece weren't able to reach focus at infinity without modification. According to advertising the new Mark IV Zoom Eyepiece has added 4 mm of additional back focus to rectify this issue for certain named spotting scopes but they do not name the Pentax Spotting Scope is one of them. I've questioned the suppliers but they are unwilling to state that the eyepiece will reach focus with the Pentax scope. I would buy an older Pentax XL Zoom EP but they're as rare as hens teeth according to some reviews the newer ones don't seem to be quite as good.
My fixed Pentax XL 10.5mm, 14mm and Televue 19mm Panoptic are, as one might expect, excellent performers with this scope but I really want a zoom lens to reduce the amount of equipment I'll have to take into the field for birding. I also need something that's gentle on my tired old vision corrected eyes with the best exit pupil and eye relief and won't empty my bank account.