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Re: Meade RGO's

Started by jadamslh, 06/21/2003 06:44AM
Posted 06/21/2003 06:44AM Opening Post
Thanks, Chris,

What a find! Imagine there are little treasures out there to be found from time to time.

I'm hoping the TMB Monos coming out will be useful. One universal principal seems to be that you don't get something for nothing, and with EP's it seems that contrast and sharpness come at the price of f.o.v. and eye relief. Add elements to increase the f.o.v. and e.r. and you begin to lose contrast and fine detail.

I've built a small collection of pairs of decent EP's at reasonable cost [no Naglers/Pan's] by haunting AstroMart, and will probably keep trying to improve them over time by trading up and selling some as I go. That way is fun, and keeps me interested. Same with the scopes.

Clear Skies

James Adams