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Re: Nagler 16 T-2

Started by Rod Kaufman, 02/02/2004 12:14PM
Posted 02/02/2004 12:14PM Opening Post
It seems quite odd that the nagler doesn't have a coating, are you seeing significant reflections from the eyelens if the bottom lens is capped? It should look dark and without reflections.Don't know quite to what to make of this one! As far as the orion eyepiece is concerned, I am assuming it's not the wideangle version so $35.00 would be fair for this focal length and condition. The 4mm version(vixen) goes for around $70.00 used but the longer focal lengths seem to go for less. I will say the 4mm vixen is an underated planetary/double star eyepiece and everytime I want to buy it used, it's been sold!
Posted 02/02/2004 12:31PM #1
Thanks Rod for the reply.
You know I did not cover the bottom of the Nagler, I just looked through it to try and determine how dirty it was. I just noticed that it seemed rather colorless when I looked at the upper lens. It did not look as if the glass or coatings were scratched or anything so maybe I just did not look well enough. I was in a big hurry and had a lot of things to look at for her and evaluate.I will look again when the lady gets back to me on Wednesday. She is supposed to let me know if she is going to sell everything or not and if so then I can come over and take my pick of the equipment.
I was thinking of buying the Lanthanum for for someone else that is just getting started and wants some Eyerelief EPs.
The Nagler I really don't need because I have the 17mm Nagler already, and I was thinking of getting that for this fellow as well or maybe to trade it for something I do need.
Most all the other EPs are just Meade, Celestron and unkown Plossls and one Keller. Not too much to them for me anyway.
I am in not the market for those kind of EPs.
There is a 16" f/4.5 DOB too, but it need a bit of work and the mirror clips have worn away the coatings in at least 4 places! Not sure if the glass has been worn as well causing a turned down edge at those points. I suspect it is just the coating worn off by the clips being too tight during transport. It must have been turned around two times as there are 4 spots visable and maybe 2 or 3 more hidden under the clips now. In all the scope is a bit rough, and it is a converted Meade Equatorial Mount DOB to begin with so not the greatest to start. There is also a 8" DOB solid tube remounted to a new rocker box and clam-shell bearing assembly. It is in better condition.
Too bad the guy did not keep his stuff up better. Some people just do not understand condition is the major factor in value.

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