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blackening walls?

Started by inbred, 04/13/2002 10:49PM
Posted 04/13/2002 10:49PM Opening Post
My observatory is just about ready for the scope to move in; I was wondering if you all think it would be worth the effort to paint my walls black. I don't know what any downside would be, maybe heat loss issues? Any other ideas?
Posted 04/17/2002 12:39AM #1
Yeeessssss !! Paint your inside walls.

That's worth the pain. For my observatory, i've used Corostop black matt paint. That's create a REAL dark environnement inside the observatory. For visual use, it's amazing, the black matt color cut the light reflection inside.

Posted 04/21/2002 12:07AM #2
I used a dark Navy blue instead of black...sort of matches the inside of the Home Dome. Of course, under the red lights, it appears black.