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Started by tnscoper, 01/14/2007 01:11PM
Posted 01/14/2007 01:11PM Opening Post
Hi All,

Does anyone have any comments on the Exploradome?



Posted 01/14/2007 04:01PM | Edited 01/14/2007 04:03PM #1
OK Allen let me preface this by saying I have a dog in the fight. I was one of the first to build an observatory from one of their calf barns. It worked well, was cheap, and I still have it and love it. When they started designing the Explora-Dome I was ask to put in my two cents along with about 8-9 others. The result I believe is a good dome designed by the people that will use it. I now have an Explora-Dome. But this is not every one's dome. There is a bit of handy work to get it up and running. You have to build your own base and tweak it a bit to get it running well. With that said if you are a little handy you can't beat it. It is still cheap, and almost indestructible. There is a web site set up by the original group for just this dome. They are a great bunch of guys and gals and they have accumulated a lot of knowledge about setting up their domes. Drop in and prowl around a little. Ask questions they are glad to help anyway they can. I peek in over there often but only put in my two cents when it seems I can truly add something. Good luck and hope to see you around the site.

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