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Polydome group?

Started by Magic man, 12/12/2002 11:13PM
Posted 12/12/2002 11:13PM Opening Post
Good idea Tom maybe we should get our own Forum :~) My project hit bad weather and has started moving slow. Rain has come to the great northwest and since I don't have a covered area to work it moves a lot slower. Also I was hoping for alittle corperate sponsership by now and it hasn't been forth coming. Had to sell my second car to buy a CCD and cut back on the holiday spending but I should still make it buy spring "God willing and the creak don't rise." What's this I read about your health? The father of the great Poly Observatory can not be of failing health. You need to take better care of your self. You have become our fearless leader, we are all humbled by your achievments :~). I'll hang for now talk at you all later.
Posted 12/13/2002 04:49PM #1
Hey Lucy, you got a lot of esplain in to do if those pictures are not better than the one I took ... great to hear you have a trailer for a potential travel dome ... I also have an old tent trailer that may make the conversion to a star party traveler ... Merlin how high is yours?

take care of those knees Tom ..,

Posted 12/14/2002 05:11AM #2
I still haven't seen this thing in person yet and I don't expect to until spring-ish. My next question is "room availible"... I'm considering building a 10" Nutonian and considering building my own, or buying, a EQ mount to place on a home made pier. I'm not sure at this time what focal length I'll get so we'll figure an average length of 4+ foot long tube. Do you think such a device will fit well in the polly dome unit?

eventually I want to get a 30 foot nutonian but i think i'll have to wait untill i win the NY lottory 4 or 5 times in a row;-)
Posted 12/14/2002 05:35AM #3
tom, I forget the dimensions of you calf hut ... I think at the widest diameter it is 86" which includes a 3" lip so interanl diameter at the widest is 80" so depending on focal length etc., of your newt you are I think approaching the limit of the calf hut. The polydome fish tank model # 10260 is listed on their website as 102" diameter but is only 98" add the 3" lip and widest diameter is 91". that should be very comfortable for your 10" newt. thge Fish tank is also nice and high, about 72" with rounded top, you can get it in blue or black? so you won't have to paint the inside ... but it is more than twice the cost of the calf hut.

Tom, since the last time I saw you I've upgrade my 10" newt to 16" so that was another reason the 10260 fish tank was not big enough for me ... but it would have been tremendous for the 10" ...

Hope this helps,