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Star Shooter

Started by Magic man, 04/22/2003 05:39PM
Posted 04/22/2003 05:39PM Opening Post
Hi guys just finished my portable pier for the observatory and thought you might like to here how it went. I started with a 6" steel well casing 5.5ft long. Then welded a half inch steel plate in one end. Next it was drilled and tapped for the cast Aluminum legs and the wedge. It was given a good coat of rubber undercoat to soften the ring and the leggs were attached. Guy wires and turn buckles were then added from 2/3 of the way up the tube down to the legg ends and tightened. I placed a five pound sand bag in the tube followed by a 3 ft plywood X that fit tight against the inside and driven into the pier. And last I attached the wedge and line scilencers from my bow huniting eq. to dampen the guy wires. It appears to dampen out in about 4 sec from a hard rap on the side. I think I have that problem solved :~}
Magic Man