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Started by Emanuel, 11/15/2005 06:56AM
Posted 11/15/2005 06:56AM Opening Post
Ei guys, i wonder if you can give me some tips for solving a problem that i have: as some of you already know, i bought recently a mk66 deluxe maksutov wich i used together with a eq5 mount; the problem is that the place were i live as a heavy night humidity percentage, around 80% or more, and despite the mak has a dewshield included, on some nights that`s not enough :S ! What should i use? Another extension to the shield? A heater?
Thanks, Emanuel
Posted 11/15/2005 07:42PM #1
Hi Emanuel. Definitely get yourself a dew heater system. Kendrick makes them, and there are others. With a high quality unit such as the kendrick, you'll not only be able to keep dew at bay on your corrector, but there are additional outlets that will permit you to use more than one dew strap. (Eyepieces-Finderscope, etc) It's funny that dew always seems to have the uncanny ability to rear its ugly head just when observing conditions are the finest you've ever seen! :-) One bigger problem you surely don't want to experience with your Mak, and that's dew forming on the inside of your corrector. This can have a more damaging affect on optics versus dew on just the outside. The trick with all dew heaters, is providing just enough heat to keep dew at bay. Placement of the dew strap will be important (Usually on the Corrector Cell itself) Mark