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CGEM code 17 after 6.5 update

Started by De Lorme, 12/12/2013 09:54PM
Posted 12/12/2013 09:54PM Opening Post
After slewing to the Moon{ first time out after doing the
6.5 update on my CGEM} I got a code 17 error. I read just recently but I can't find where now how this person had the same problem but when he went back to 6.17 the code 17 went away. Has anybody here had the same problem and going back to 6.17 solved the code 17 problem?
I'm going to clean the connectors tomorrow which has never been done. I did the alignment several times which went well and then picked the Moon as my target but when the OTA arrived at the Moon I would get a code 17.
According to the Weather Channel it was 17 degrees here in
the Springs but It felt a lot colder; could the cold have been part of the problem? Thanks for the help. De Lorme