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EM-200 Temma-PC help needed!

Started by Boxlock, 08/05/2015 01:08PM
Posted 08/05/2015 01:08PM | Edited 08/05/2015 01:13PM Opening Post
I just recently decided to dig out my astro-equipment that's been collecting dust in my garage for almost a decade. I spend all of yesterday afternoon dusting-off and cleaning-up my EM-200 Temma-PC, after nine years, had a devil of a time remembering what went where, especially since my current laptop no longer even has serial ports, previous laptops had crashed and all my astronomy software is long gone. I was able to do a rough polar alignment and visually track M-57 for an hour last night just using the manual control box, but do not have a computerized hand controller, serial ports, or software to use the go-to features. I'm so out of touch with current technology and software. I know you imagers out there, keep up with that kind of stuff. I need help getting to where I can control and use it's functions again. Whatever help or advice anyone could provide, would be greatly appreciated.

Posted 08/27/2015 09:49PM #1
When I had an EM-200 Temma I used one of those little HP handheld computers with a serial interface. Even though I still have that I don't think there has been support for those for a while. You can get a USB to serial port adapter for your computer, or you can get one of the wireless iPhone or Android(?) setups that runs off one of the astro planetarium apps like SkySafariPro (iPhone) or SkySafari4 (Android) or similar.