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Gibraltar 5 Mount for FS102

Started by kyle31, 07/08/2004 03:39PM
Posted 07/08/2004 03:39PM Opening Post
I have a TAK FS 102 mounted currently to a TV Gibraltar with sky tour. The trouble is the mount appears to be a bit small for the scope. I am wondering if anyone could give me advice on if the new beefier head designed for the 5" TV scope the Gibraltar 5 would be a significant improvement in stability. This would be a low cost alternative as I can buy the head only and mount it to my existing tripod along with the sky tour. Of course I don't want to waste the money if this isn't going to improve things much. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

Posted 07/09/2004 01:20PM #1
Could you explain what you mean by "the mount appears too small". Are you having trouble with the TAK on the Gibraltar? If so what problems are you having? I have a TV101 on a Gibraltar and many others have NP101's, and even the heavy brass SDF models on them and they work fine. I've never seen a Gibraltar 5 but I would think it would work fine also, but I'm not sure it would be needed.