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Good go-to mount on a budget

Started by rwallace612, 12/14/2015 04:16PM
Posted 12/14/2015 04:16PM Opening Post
Hi Everyone,

I am new to astronomy, and I started out by purchasing a Celestron 114LCM go-to newtonian scope on amazon. I was extremely disappointed with it due to it being terribly cheaply made, and very unstable. I ended up returning it because the telescope would not stay in alignment. I picked up a used similar scope on craigslist for $40.. A celestron 114mm manual telescope with Equatorial mount. It is much much better.. But I still am having a heck of a time finding any objects. I'd like to try another go-to mount, but I am not sure which ones are worth it. I'd like to keep it at $500 or less for the mount... Any suggestions?

Oh and I also picked up a 5.1" meade newtonian OTA for free, (waiting for tube rings to come in from ebay).. I'd like the go-to mount to be sturdy enough to hold the 5.1" newtonian too.

Posted 12/15/2015 06:03AM | Edited 12/15/2015 06:05AM #1
There're a couple of GOTO German equatorial mounts over on the 'Mart Classifieds that are not much over your budget limit, an AVX for $635 and an Optron IEQ25 for $525. Either one should be able to hold your Newtonian nicely. Also, maybe an Optron MiniCube (alt-az) could give your Newtonian a good ride? They are under $500 but don't have a very high load limit. Maybe an ATWB technician could advise you on this....

All success in picking out a winner....

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Posted 12/15/2015 06:26PM #2
Would you consider a SCT? If I were you I would sell the reflector and buy
the Nexstar SE 5" or 6". Not sure if the 5"SE mount can handle binoviewers but I know the 6"SE mount can. There's always tomorrow to buy the binos.
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