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Made a new pier for the MI-250

Started by fblue, 05/26/2010 11:42PM
Posted 05/26/2010 11:42PM | Edited 05/26/2010 11:44PM Opening Post
Well, I have a pier at the Los Angeles Astronomical Society site for the G-11, but the pipe was too small for the MI-250. Luckily there was another pier that was not in use made from a 9" pipe with 1/2" wall that I was able to use. I found that the ID of the 9" pipe was 8" and that was the size I needed to make an adapter pipe for the MI-250.
So, I bought 12" of 8" schedule 10 pipe, made one end flat and even, drilled holes for the mount base, aligned it to True North and then drove it into the 9" pipe using a big hammer and a piece of wood to protect the pipe. While I did this I made sure the top was level and then I drilled three 5/16" holes and bolted it together. The pipe fit in very tightly with the hammering, but the bolts were to make sure it stayed that way.
So, here is the new pier, now if I can just get a few nights without clouds to dial everything in on the mount. Once it is polar aligned, I can mark the mount so that I can just put it on the marks and place it on the pier and then tweak the polar alignment. This should save a bit of time setting up and tearing down.
This first shot shows how the pads are setup in the LAAS site. I have a table there to place stuff when setting up and it keeps stuff off the ground. You can see the pier has a electrical box with two outlets and two more are at the side of the pad. The pad is about 7' across.

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Posted 05/26/2010 11:43PM | Edited 05/26/2010 11:43PM #1
This shot shows a close up of the insert pipe and how it was done. Now the pier is 45" tall and that should work fine for imaging.

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