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Meade Mount on Celestron Tripod

Started by Dino_Americano, 07/18/2020 03:23AM
Posted 07/18/2020 03:23AM Opening Post
Members of the Forum,

I would like to have opinions about sticking a Meade mount for a ten inch LX200 GPS on a Celesron Nexstar 8 SE tripod.

I live in Brazil and it has become difficult and astronomically expensive to purchase something abroad and bring it in. The exchange rate has doubled over the last two years, postage rates from the USA have gone up astronomically, too, and Brazilian Customs is charging 50% on the total value including shipping!!!

I have a ten inch Meade tube which I like very much, and I have that Celestron tripod; all I need is a mount. In this way, it becomes much less expensive to just purchase a mount and bring it in and put it all together. 

I think that there must be a way to make the connection.

Posted 08/07/2020 02:21PM #1
Hi Dean.

I am new to Astromart and I just happen to know how to connect an LX200 10" Mount to a Nexstar 8 SE Tripod.  The 10" Meade is held down by an M8-2 threaded rod, 16" long, (2MM pitch threads).  If you have that rod all you have to do is drill the center hole in the 8 SE mount to M8 or 1/2" will work.  Do the same to the eyepiece holder.  you will need 3 knurled  M8-2 clamp nuts.  Two of them will be 'through hole' type.  One for above the eyepiece holder and another one under it, and the third will be locked onto the end of the rod.  then tighten the rod into the M8 -2 female in the bottom of your LX200 mount.  Next, tighten the 1st clamp nut up tightly under the bottom of the tripod.  That will hold the Mount in place.  Then, push the eyepiece holder up where it belongs and tighten the other clamp nut under it just snuggly.  That's it.  You're done.

If you don't have the rod, you can find one on eBay.  You might want to check to make sure the base of the mount is threaded M8-2.  I'm pretty sure but that doesn't really cut it. smile

Hope that helps.
James Moore
Posted 08/11/2020 11:49PM #2

Thanks for your reply. It is helpful. I'll copy it and store in my astronomy file.

Iended up being slow on the draw on that Meade mount but, I still might catch another one and I don't want to pay hipping on a tripod to Brazil.

Thanks again,