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Polaris help!

Started by fct-150, 06/01/2013 03:30AM
Posted 06/01/2013 03:30AM Opening Post
I have finally put together a showroom Polaris eq. with all the whistles; including a new Vixen MD5 pulse drive and even the polar scope. Ok...Then something went wrong. The battery pack for the drive (which holds (6) AA batteries has a split in the cream-white battery holding cell. I know for a fact that if I load all the batteries into this cell, the thing is gonna split clean, which will hinder a full current and cut power going to the hand controller. So what I need is this: Does anyone know the battery pack equivalent to a (6) AA power source? Sure, I can plug it in with a DC converter in the wall, but that won't work in the field. I am afraid to use my DD-1 battery pack as it uses C batteries and may cause a short.

Any advice in this field would be HIGHLY VALUED. My ears are in listening mode...

All the best,

Andy S.

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Posted 06/01/2013 04:40AM #1
I think I know what you are asking, but if not, just let me know. The 6 cells in your pack give 9 volts at around 2.5 amps +/-. You should be able to go to Radio Shack and get a 6 cell battery pack (empty, no batteries) for a few dollars and attach the appropriate DC connector. It won't matter if you use AA, C or D cells as long as there are 6 of them in series. i know you won't want to do what I use for my G11 power source, but I use a 12 volt car battery with an attached sine wave inverter and then plug in an 18 volt AC to DC adapter. There are also DC to DC regulators, but that will require some soldering and packaging. You could mount the Radio Shack battery pack in a plastic box for a nicer appearance, but just allowing it to be attached with velcro to the tripod should work.

Posted 06/02/2013 05:17AM | Edited 06/02/2013 05:18AM #2
Another approach I have used for my Vixen mounts is to use a 12v batery pack (available at most auto stores, Walmart, etc. -- for jumping cars). And also get a 9v car adpater -- it will plug into the battery pack and drop the 12v to 9v -- get one that has interchangable plug tips -- probably Radio Shack will have them.

Also check the polarity of the connector before using it with the mount -- you need to get the correct polarity for the center pin of the connector -- either + or - voltage -- you can check it with a volt meter on the old battery pack, and then make sure you get the same polarity on the 9v adapter. I recall that some Vixen mounts have center - plugs, which is different from nearly all other power plugs.