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Rate the mount!

Started by dhvd79a, 05/03/2006 10:33AM
Posted 05/03/2006 10:33AM Opening Post
I would like to put together a spreadsheet ranking the various mounts. For me it is difficult to determine if a particular mount is suitable for a given task. I know it is for many other people because there are hundreds of questions on A-mart about whether a mount is suitable for a particular scope or visual v. photography. If you would like to participate in this project please send me an email containing information about mounts you have first hand experience using.

I'd like to see manufacturer, model, type(gem,fork,etc.), manufacturer weight claim, realistic weight claim, size and type of scopes that are appropriate, available new?, approximate new price, used price range, features(goto, DSC, etc...). Don't worry if you can't supply all the information. Hopefully enought people will participate that I can put together a wide range of new and used mounts and an approximate ranking.

If you can think of any other info that would be useful fell free to include it as well as any comments you might have.


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