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Telepod Azimuth Bearing is frozen

Started by JHamrick, 08/26/2010 07:21PM
Posted 08/26/2010 07:21PM Opening Post
Brand new Telepod head, mounted it on a Panoramic post. Not sure what I did wrong, or even if this is wrong, but:
The only way azimuth works, is either turning on the 3/8" post - can't be right - or by pivoting in the bushing built into the Panoramic tripod - smooth, but can't be right.
Called Televue and they said either return it to the vendor, or return it to Televue, for an exchange. But I already modded it for the altitude encoder - works great, but required peeling off a stick, now deformed sticker.
Anyways, how is the azimuth supposed to turn? Is the set screw on the 3/8" post, supposed to bind the post to an internal bearing?
Anyone else have a frozen bearing, if that's the problem?
The way that the azimuth encoder goes in, implies an inner bearing.
Any other suggestions?
If all else fails, I can use the Panoramic bushing, but that makes adding an azimuth encoder, pretty complicated.
Well my brother is really good, might be able to fix it.
Thanks very much!
John Hamrick
Posted 08/27/2010 01:34AM #1
I would just explain the situation to TeleVue and I am sure they will be happy to take the Telepod back and fix it.

Posted 08/27/2010 06:23AM #2
The set screw securing the 3/8" mount screw should be tight. If you unscrew the cap on the top of the bearing you will find 3 small set screws that are used to adjust the tension of the AZ bearing. Loosen these set screws and adjust the upper and lower halves so they rotate but no slop then tighten the 3 set screws to lock the halves. It will take a bit messing around with this adjustment to get the desired tension without rocking between the halves.
Hope this helps.