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Started by Wolfstar, 05/14/2010 12:57AM
Posted 05/14/2010 12:57AM Opening Post
Finally got around to tuning up my CG-5 GT.

Completely disassembled it and removed the tree sap. I polished all the bearing surfaces to mirror finish with a dremel and jewelery polish. Adjusted the backlash and relubed with Mobile 1 Synthetic grease.

Definitly worth the time and effort.

It is easier to ballance as the RA and Dec require much less effort to move. The mount is quieter when slewing. Alignment is easier to perform and gotos are much more accurate (I suspect this is due to the previous looseness of the gears).

Next time the weather is reasonable, we will see if the autoguiding is better. Tonight we had patches of haze...

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