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Better secondary on 10" XT Clone

Started by Settimio, 02/16/2003 06:41PM
Posted 02/16/2003 06:41PM Opening Post
I have a XT Clone. To make my views better should I..

- Get a better secondary that 96% reflective.

- Get a different secondary that is 5% smaller.

88% reflective primary, 88% reflective secondary = 77% Total
88% reflective primary 96% reflective secondary = 84% Total

I'm guessing the secondary is 88% reflective, it maybe less.

Trying to keep up grade around $100.

The first Step towards failure is trying. - Homer Simpson
Posted 02/17/2003 10:50PM #1
1. Visual views or imaging takes?
a)smaller mirror for visual use only
b)smaller mirror for ccd then 35mm film..
2. Recoating the primary and secondary..usually, they charge minimally (or not at all)for the secondary recoat when you have them both done at the sametime.
3. Line your OT/drawtube(eyepiece focuser)with flocking paper & use a dew shield.
4. 3 vane or curved spider instead of four..less spiking effect. try Protostar...