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How to ship a C8

Started by dhvd79a, 11/23/2004 12:52PM
Posted 11/23/2004 12:52PM Opening Post
I am about to sell my astro equipment and I will most likley need to ship my C8. It currently is in a foam-filled trunk but the foam is not adequate for shipping.

What I plan to do is replace the foam with crosslinked polyehtylene foam cut-out to snuggly fit the scope. the scope will be encased in foam for at least two inches on all sides and more on most.

My 1st two questions:

1: How do I ensure the primary is secure?
2: How do I ensure the secondary won't come loose?

My intent is to place the case in a box lined with 1 to 2 inches minimum of insulation type foam.

Any other suggestions?

Posted 11/29/2004 05:50PM #1
Thanks to everyone who replied.

I thought I should fully tighten the secondary but was hoping there would be a better way.
The Bob's knobs should make it easy for the new owner to collimate it.

I assume the primary should be fully retracted for shipping.

Posted 11/30/2004 09:49PM | Edited 11/30/2004 09:51PM #2
Hi Dave,

I received a vintage C8 scope a few months back, and it was packed in thick soft foam. It seemed to survive the trip just fine. Here is a picture of some of the packing.

Also, here is a picture of how I packed a C11 scope. The end packing material is thick, firm, "Ethafoam". I used two thick layers. It is some of the best packing foam there is.

David Simons
(C8 pictures below)

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David Simons