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Re: Mirror help

Started by Ron Oehlert, 04/15/2010 09:36PM
Posted 04/15/2010 09:36PM | Edited 04/16/2010 01:27AM Opening Post
Probably minerals or additives in the *Spring* water. Waiting will just allow the mineral spots to themselves harden thus making their removal difficult or impossible. I've not heard of aluminum needing to harden, BUT the aluminum should have a protective clear coating of hard silicon or such; plain un-coated aluminum is not the norm for astronomical mirror coatings. So, PAY ATTENTION to what your coating actually IS and What you use to clean it with & HOW you clean it (because it seems you Do Not know how to do this properly). Clean ASAP accordingly per All of the following Guidelines. Line kitchen sink with towels to soften sink surface. Flush mirror with running tap water (no temperature extremes) then let mirror soak for 10 minutes immersed in lukewarm Tap water to soften those mineral spots (a little dishwashing detergent added is OK) & Do Not scrub them (No Rubbing, Ever!) but pull only a gentle (no pressure, weight of cotton only)) swipe with STERILE Genuine cotton roll-wadding (found in First-Aid section, Do Not use cotten balls from the Cosmetic aisle); only one pass each side of a torn-off piece of cotton & discard for another, you will likely use the entire box during one cleaning procedure. To Repeat: No Rubbing, Ever! RINSE with Distilled water & prop mirror on-edge to drain & air-dry. The occasional errant droplet can be wicked with a corner piece of paper towel. All of the materials neccessary for this should be accumulated & at hand Before beginning & turn your phone OFF. AND there is absolutely NO reason for a small child to be nearby whenever optics are out of the scope or exposed. You seem to have your prorities mixed-up; If You are the designated child-tender at the time, exhibit some adult patience per your optics & simply wait until later; Never multi-task where your optics are concerned (& absolute Silence while cleaning will permit Hearing if sleeking is occuring). BTW, persons of Any age with food & drink in hand should NEVER be allowed to view thru or be nearby your scope (consider what it took to make or buy it).