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Jaegers 4" F15 - Breathtaking performance

Started by tomrod, 06/28/2002 06:42PM
Posted 06/28/2002 06:42PM Opening Post
I recently picked up an old Jaegers 4" F15 OTA and I am absolutely amazed with the performance. I haven't been outside the city (San Diego), but the moon at 392x is incredible. I was able to see the three craters in Plato. Two were dots and the central crater started had a little shape. The views were still very sharp at 95x per inch. The biggest problem I had was the floaters in these old eyes.

I had trouble believing the performance so I just did a test comparason with a 5" F7.5 Petzval refractor which has been my main scope. This time target was the trusty power line insulator (1/2 mile away) that I use for tests. At 237x the 5" was starting to loose contrast. At 255x The Jaeger was like being there. At 492x the image was still better than the 5" at 237x. There was a little violet halo in shadows (black) where they where next to the bright sky in the background. Resolution seemed to be limited more by seeing than resloution.

If I get my van running tomorrow I'll head for some dark(er) skies. If I knew the performance, I would have had a slow refracter long ago. I have studied that insulator with every scope and eyepiece I have ever owned. I still cannot believe my eyes. Is this performance common or do I have a brain problem?

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