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Recommended accessory for your 66mm

Started by asterhunter, 11/12/2006 07:06AM
Posted 11/12/2006 07:06AM Opening Post
I purchased the Meade 5000 series 5x TeleXtender for my short tube 80mm, and it works equally well on my 66. I paired it up with a 25mm and 20mm Erfle, and a 16mm Konig. With the the 25mm I did a star test on Sirius, and I could detect no noticeable degradation in the diffraction rings. All three eyepieces showed a sharp, color-free image of the Moon. The Hyginus and Ariadaeus rilles were tightly defined. Catina Muller was easily resolved with the 16mm, and Catina Davy Y could be seen as a rille-like feature. Subtle differences in the lava flows inside the crater Plato could be seen. With the 25mm I easily resolved Sigma Ori and Struve 761, all seven stars visible in the same field. Rigel's pretty little companion showed up in all three. Analtak was a bit more challenging. With the 16mm, Analtak had a dim, perfectly formed diffraction ring, and when the air steadied out, I could just see it's companion nestled inside the ring. All in all, the Meade 5x TeleXtender performed very well boosting the power by five times with these simple eyepieces, giving me, IMHO, a quality high power view.

David E