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Restoring a Cooke

Started by Kevin Barker, 12/02/2002 05:46PM
Posted 12/02/2002 05:46PM Opening Post
I have attached a picture of a restored 5 inch Cooke refractor that is soon going to be up and running for public viewing and also solar viewing at the CAS(Canterbury Astronomical Society)observatory at West Melton, New Zealand.

The Cooke dates back to the 1870's and has had several illustrious owners one who discovered several comets with it.

My brother Phil led a group of refractor nuts that have completed a soon to be added copper dome made from an old beer vat which i helped with on a recent holiday.

I thought you refractor fans might enjoy this sight.
The f15.66 telescope performs similarly to Phil's excellent 5 inch D&G f 15 refractor. A review comparing the two can be found at

Best wishes

Kevin Barker

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Posted 12/03/2002 07:47AM #1
Thanks for sharing, Kevin. I'm sure this wonderful classic is a great kick in the pants for all who are lucky enough to use it (or be around it, for that matter).

Beer vat dome?!? Now THAT sounds like the perfect shed project! :-)

Cheers and best wishes.