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8" f5 Refractor Lens Respacing

Started by tomrod, 09/14/2002 06:52AM
Posted 09/14/2002 06:52AM Opening Post
I have a 8" f5 four element refractor. I believe it is a Petzval design. It was used in an areo spy camera in the 70's. I have done a quick test and it has quite a bit of color. It came with a minus blue filter so I believe that it is optimized for a wavelength outside the visual range that cuts through haze.

I hope that it can be respaced to move the correction into the visual range. It will probably be quite an undertaking, but I think it would be worth it. Does anyone know how to accomplish this task, or where I might get useful information?

I also have a 6" triplett with the same problem.

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