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A C14 mount in progress

Started by David Simons, 07/22/2004 02:29AM
Posted 07/22/2004 02:29AM | Edited 07/22/2004 02:41AM Opening Post
Here is a first rough cut at a simple alt-az mount for my C14 OTA. The Altitude bearing from pipe threads works fairly well. As one pipe unscrews, the other starts to tighten, so it actually has a fairly uniform tension. The Azimuth needs a lot more work. I'm pretty sure I will need a much more rigid base structure with a large bearing surface, ie. teflon, ebony star laminate etc. But the proof of concept is not way out of line.

My eventual plan is to use a Lumicon visual compressor to get an f5 light cone, and use low power ep's. So the setup will be used for low power, and fine critical tracking will not be as important. However quick setup is important, and the mount can be moved easily, as the base rotates and acts like a giant wheel, and the C14 is mounted by rings, so it easily comes off. I only had some rough measurements to estimate the height of the total assy., but I think it came out right. The folding chair height covers most of the altitude range, as the scope balance point is so far back.

David Simons

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