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Aligning a mirror cell onto a mirror

Started by kendo, 08/07/2007 11:08AM
Posted 08/07/2007 11:08AM Opening Post
I have been building a 13.1" Albert Highe Dob (something like and am nearing the stage of gluing the mirror cell to the back of the mirror.

Can you offer some hints and ideas for gluing and aligning the cell as I set it down on the mirror? I have thought of drawing pencil lines on the back of the mirror. But they would get visibly sealed under the silicone glue. And I like those beautiful clear mirror backs I see in photos of other peoples' scopes.

A jig? A template? Laser alignment? Hope for the best?

Many thanks.

Ken Landaiche
Posted 08/09/2007 09:18AM #1
OK, it looks like the consensus is to mark the mirror back, eyeball the placement of the mirror cell, and definitely wait that 24 hours so I don't disturb the cure process. wink

With all of the attention we pay to collimating a scope, and since no mirror cell I have seen has lateral adjustment, I thought gluing the cell to the mirror would take a lot more precision than this. I suppose that any slop introduced at this stage simply moves the optical axis slightly. And that can be compensated by the normal collimation process.

Many thanks for the input. Now I know I can do it! grin