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Another Recirculation C8

Started by klawson, 11/13/2017 03:40PM
Posted 05/23/2018 04:38AM #10
Originally Posted by John Biretta
Looks good.  Lots of air motion without filters.  No fans in the light path. <br><br>How well does it work? If you've got a boiling image from a warm primary mirror, how quickly do the fans fix it?  <br><br>If you look at an out-of-focus star, do you see any air currents from the fans?
Hi John,

I don't know if you saw my response I wrote to you a few months back. Seems like it was lost durning the site upgrade/change. Just in case you didn't:

Works extremely well. Truly Plug & Play. The mod is not recommended for those who live in places like Los Angeles where normal evening temp drops are not that severe, or for deep sky observing.

The instant the fan is turned on all the temp patterns disappear. No veins, spikes, v-shaped plumes in the out of focus star pattern. In severe cases, like going from a 20 to 30 degree difference in temperature (warm house to cold outside), the strong internal "weather" patterns are replaced with a delicate swirl pattern that grows fainter as time goes on. I performed such a test and after about 45 minutes all was well within the tube assembly. The swirl pattern had all but disappeared.

Keith (Scopejunkie)


Restored Celestron C-14 with recirculating cooling
Celestron 180mm F/15 Maksutov