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APO Lens Set.

Started by Settimio, 01/14/2003 01:31PM
Posted 01/14/2003 01:31PM Opening Post
I have a APO Lens Set. It's from a extremly large enlarger.

There are 4 len sets in cells. There from a company called
Geortz out of NY. or something like that. The largest
2.8" and the smallest is about a 1".

How do find out how to determine a fair price?

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Posted 01/14/2003 01:49PM #1
They are large format enlarger lenses, probably for 5x7 or 8x10 negatives. Unfortunately in the new digital age their value is declining rather rapidly. I recently sold a high end large format enlarger that used to bring almost 1000.00 for only 150.00 and it was in mint condition. You might check some of the larger NYC camera houses for fair market value.