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Chuck Does it Again!

Started by ryderc1, 01/01/2004 08:49AM
Posted 01/01/2004 08:49AM Opening Post
As the recent recipient of Chuck Fellows' latest 8" dob masterpiece, I thought I'd report my initial impressions to those interested who may have followed the progress of the scope during the course of its construction as referenced by Chuck in prior postings to this group.

All I can say is "WOW!!!". The pictures you may have seen of the scope posted by Chuck--as beautiful as they were--do not capture the full splendor of the scope when seen in person. I appreciate fine workmanship and this scope embodies it. The design, wood selection and graining, joinery, and ergonomics are incredible.

I gave the scope first light on X-Mas. I was treated to all 6 stars in the Trapezium in M42. E and F stood out cleanly with direct vision--a first for me in my west of Boston suburban skies. Castor split as cleanly as I've seen, Saturn was crisp through 220X with great contrast, Rigel's companion popped right out, etc.

I knew the Mark Harry 8" f/6 primary was a special mirror when I originally purchased it as part of someone's partially completed sonotube dob project. I also knew Chuck Fellows was the person to build a special scope deserving of the fine components; having seen some of his prior work. What I didn't know was how Chuck would outdo even himself and create what I believe is the most beautiful and ergomically friendly dob I've ever had the pleasure of seeing or using.

There are few people around who are capable of such fine craftsmanship and who are also such a joy to work with. I want to thank Chuck publicly for the opportunity he gave me to work with him and be the recipient of such a superb finished product. Thanks,Chuck!!!

Charlie Ryder

Posted 01/01/2004 02:09PM #1
I don't know how you did it, new scope and good conditions!I wasn't out on 12/25 but on both Sat and Sunday after that we had really fine conditions in Southern Vermont. My dob is probably quite similar optically (Michael Spooner) and more mundane mechanically, I was getting very much the views that you describe Trapezium a-f very comfprtably, and Saturn at up to 230 and 300 (briefly) with the best quality views I've ever had.

Congratualtions on what I am sure is a very special instrument.