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Curved vane spider

Started by Craig Burlette, 02/14/2003 02:37PM
Posted 02/14/2003 02:37PM Opening Post
I'm looking for a source for curved vane spiders, anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone changed from a standard 3 vane spider to a curved vane spider?
Posted 02/15/2003 03:32AM #1
Craig, I tried sending this out earlier today but looks like it didn't go through. I originally made curved spiders for my scope and later decided to try a three vaned string spider using super thin archery string. After six months I still didn't like the diffraction spikes so went back to curved.

I think the bad press on curved spiders is that they traditionally had to be made from fairly thick material to support properly, especially when apertures got above 8" or so. My scope is 12.5 but I made the vanes from carbon fiber, pressed in a wood mold so they come out to about .04" thick, probably thinner than most commercially made four vaned spiders. I don't, however know of a source for any curved spiders.

Doug Tanaka