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Flocking Material

Started by Walter, 06/05/2002 08:41AM
Posted 06/05/2002 08:41AM Opening Post
I recently purchased a sufficient quantity of the black flocking material from Protostar to put in the tube of my 10" f/6 dob. It is an outstanding product and works as advertised in every way, albeit a little difficult to install in my case. They actually sent me more than I ordered so I had enough to do most of the tube for my 8" f/6 also. Anyway..... Yesterday I was browsing the McMaster-Carr website Http:// and found a listing for velvet, self adhesive back, 45" wide. I ordered 3' just to see. It arrived this AM!!!! and it is the same stuff as what Protostar sells. Price is 4.26/ft and works out to about 65% of the cost through Protostar. It also is available in a plain, non-stick backing for even cheaper price.