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Hello, BIG, thin Mirror Makers

Started by khking, 09/13/2003 03:28PM
Posted 09/13/2003 03:28PM Opening Post
I just went out on a limb and aquired(gulp), some 25" diameter, .960" thick quartz blanks. I have successfully made a 19" F/4 1" thick plate glass mirror, but is this size stretching it a bit? Has anyone made or know of someone who has made a thin mirror this size? I have some generated convex tooling so most of the material will be removed from the center only, leaving the edge thickness intact. The backs are flat to .0003". It was get the quartz now or lose it forever so I jumped on it.
Posted 09/13/2003 04:06PM #1
Try Mel Bartel's web site...I seem to remember some really
thin large one's that he talks about under thin mirror making.
Just tried to axcess his site but not working now.