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Home Brew Optical Bench

Started by tomrod, 02/23/2003 06:45AM
Posted 02/23/2003 06:45AM Opening Post
I have an 8" F5 telephoto lens that I finally put a focuser on and did a star test. It's not too bad (very bright) up to about 80x but there is too much color after that. It is optimized for film and gets a blue green haze at high visual magnifications.

I want to make an optical bench to test it. I have a monochromator that will give me a precision colored source. I plan to run the light from the monochromator to an aperture plate that goes down to 0.002" with a fiber optic cable. The plate would be put at the focal point of a Questar 7 set for infinity.

The Q7 would be the target. It would be mounted on a tilt/raise plate attached to a large rotaing ring that reads to arc minutes. The base would be a pair steel rails with commercial Bosh "tinkertoy" extrusions attached to the top. NRC optical plates would be attached to the extrusions where needed and the whole thing would be on vibration pads or possibly bubble wrap.

Does anyone see any fatal flaws in this approach.

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