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How do you magnify a camera viewfinder?

Started by mccarlp, 10/10/2002 12:02PM
Posted 10/10/2002 12:02PM Opening Post
Hi all,

I have been finding it difficult to focus my camera due to the small scale of the image. Bright stars are easily seen, but the precision of the focus is difficult to judge in unmagnified state. I can get a right angle magnifier for my camera, if I don't mind dropping $300, but if I could afford that, I would just get a ronchi screen focuser, instead.

My question is how do these magnifiers work, and what kind of lenses do they use. I have tried a variety of magnifying glasses, and various lenses, but I can't seem to get the magnified image to focus correctly.

I realize that this is probably a simple question, but I am stumped.


Paul McCarl