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Need help with a mirror cell repair

Started by lthaxton, 10/27/2002 05:08PM
Posted 10/27/2002 05:08PM Opening Post
I picked up a 12.5" Starliner cassegrain/newtonian a while back and have just started setting it up. As I was attempting to collimate I discovered that one of the main mirror adjustment screws had broken free of the mirror cell. It has a 1" square base that is simply glued (?) to the rear of the mirror cell. There is no evidence of any kind of welding on the remaining three. I tried quick set epoxy and let it cure 24 hours but it came lose again. Before I track down Devcon aluminum epoxy, anyone have hints?

I can actually get pretty good collimation w/o the screw as it has a push-pull setup and am going to use it as-is for a while. This thing is definitely a beast and maybe more than I am willing to wrestle around. It does well so far on my old DS-16. It appears to be the "standard" model and has a Feathertouch focuser at the cass focus (nice focuser!) and an original Telescopics 1 1/4" at the newtonian focus. Combined with the 60mm Carton guidescope, original sliding weight balance system and a nice finder it creates quite an impression! Anyone out there with an old Starliner manual???

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Posted 10/27/2002 11:16PM #1
The only thing I might be able to help you with is the epoxy issue. Quick set epoxy doesn't bond well and doesn't get much stronger after about 15 minutes. It's great for some things but not for what you're doing. I'd try using JB Weld. It has a longer cure time and sets much harder. You should probably make sure the mating surfaces are really clean by wiping with acetone to get rid of any traces of oil (like from your hands). Good luck.

Doug Tanaka